TÊT NGUYEN DAN(Vietnamese New Year)
Today is New Year in Vietnam (New lunar year starts today; the year of the dog).
Or, as the Vietnamese call it; "Festivals of the New Year" or "Lunar New Year" which is normally around the end of January / beginning of February when it´s the first new moon. It marks the beginning of spring.

Festivities begin the night before Têt with a family reunión dinner (with special dishes such as dried Young bamboo soup, boiled chicken, roasted nuts & sedes, sticky rice, etc). Bringing good luck is one of the priorities of this day because the Vietnamese believe that this day will determine what will happen during the whole year. They believe that the first person to enter a household can determine that family´s fortune for the entire year, so we are thinking about inviting the contact person from the adoption agency to bring some luck 😉
The festivities will last for 9 to 15 days and most businesses will be closed during the Têt. One can fi…
The Game of Life
On friday morning we received a call from the adoption agency of our choice. They informed us that we are 3rd in line to sign a contract with them for our adoption in Vietnam. This means that there are two applicants before us waiting to sign. We will move up the list when a child is assigned to appilicants that have signed a contract and have been waiting for some time (remember that the average waiting time is 24 months).
The adoption agency does this so that there are not too many people waiting to adopt. We were told that we will propably sign in the first quarter of this year. Untill then we can prepare some paperwork that is easy to get; a copy of our marriage liscence, a small picture book of us, etc. We only have to gather all other papers -that are likely to expire (certificate of good behaviour, birth certificate, etc) - once we get a child assigned to us, so no need to stress about that now.

David said that it feels like we´re playing "The Game of Life&qu…
Movies& Documentariesabout Adoption

There are a lot of films and documentaries about adoption. Some of them are recomended to us by the institution that provided the training, some of them I found elsewhere (mainly searching on the internet). Please note that the blog entries on these films and documentaries are personal opinions.

4. A simple piece of paper (Documentary) - 2011

As described on the official documentary website, this documentary is about the following: "Most adoptees in the America are never allowed to have the record of their own birth. But in the last fifteen years, a number of states have reversed sealed records laws. From Oregon to Maine, thousands of adoptees have now received their records, and a number of states are considering similar legislation". "In 2011, Illinois became the largest state in the Union to provide adoptees this right, providing 350,000 adoptees access to their records. A Simple Piece of Paper examines the impact of the release of…
Meeting at ICAA + Movie On Friday 19th January we went to Barcelona city centre for a meeting at ICAA (the organisation for Adoption and Fostering in Cataluña) to meet with E, our contact person. She looks after several countries, one of them Vietnam. It was merely to meet her in person, just so we know the face behind the emails or phone calls. She was very nice and told us about the adoption process in Vietnam (average waiting times, paperwork needed, etc) and told us her personal view on Vietnam when she was there for holidays. Honestly there was nothing we didn´t know already, but it was very nice to meet her. She said we would be called, probably this week, by the adoption agency where we decided to adopt and that she already sent our file there. So here we are….waiting again. The day after we went to the movies because this Spanish movie about adoption in Vietnam was released last week (really, how much coincidence is that??). It is called “Thi Mai, Rumbo a Vietnam” and is about th…
The country we want to adopt in
As we wrote in our blog on the 12th of August 2017, we had a whole list of countries to choose from. As we said before; we really don´t mind where the child comes from, generally speaking. Later during the process, when we learned a lot about profiles and backgrounds of children from certain countries it became clear that a few countries would be off our list because we wouldn´t be fit to parent them and / or our certificate wouldn´t allow us.
We also had to take off all countries where we didn´t comply with all the requierements and decided not to sign a countract for a country that is currently closed, but maybe opens later on. This left us with very little choices to be honest.
For the few countries that were left we visited the adoption agencies to get a better feeling of the countries, the children and how the adoption agencies work. This lead to our final decisición.

We are excited to announce we want to adopt a child from....

VIETNAM We are very excit…
Yesterday we received a phonecall from ICAA (the organisation for adoption and fostercare here in Cataluña). At the ICAA there are various mediators -for the different countries where we can adopt in- who will mediate with the adoption agency. This basically means that the organisation (which belongs to the government of Cataluña) will tell the adoption agency that were want to adopt with them and that we are approved.

The mediator responsable for our country of choice (we will reveil the country soon, promise!)  told us she received our file and will be our mediator with the adoption agency.
On the 19th of January we will have a meeting with her to go over our file and get to know eachother. After that she will recomend us to the adoption agency.

"So", we asked her, "does this mean we recieved our certificate??"  And she replied; "it certainly does"!
As it turns out, our report was filed before the comité and approved the 20th of December (I know, right, tha…

As this year is coming to an end, we realised that a year has passed since we made the decision to adopt a child. As we spent Christmas 2016 in the Netherlands with Maria's family we decided to tell them about it as we were excited to share the news.
Back in Spain we gathered with David's family to celebrate "Reyes" and informed them as well about this huge step in our lives. In January we searched for information on how to get started In March we went to the first meeting with ICAA to get the initial information. End of April we started our training that ended in June. This is also when we started to inform close friends about our adoption plans In July we started a blog and a fundraising and made it public that we would like to adopt a child. In September we started with the meetings with the psychologist. In October we received our home study. In November we had our last meeting with the psychologist. In December we´ll hopefully receive our certificate. And before we n…